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Undergraduate Handbook 2017-18

English Department Undergraduate Handbook

BASc students

First-year UCL BASc students can take the designated half-unit ‘Introduction to English Literature’ (ENGL1004) as part of the BASc ‘Cultures’ pathway. This is examined by two final essays, but there are no additional tutorial essays to write (and first-year BASc students are not part of the English Department personal tutor system).

Much information about the course, and the assessment, is to be found on the course Moodle page for ENGL1004.

BASc students who achieve a mark of 60 or more in each of the two assessed essays for ENGL1004 can continue in subsequent years to take full-year courses (one or more, depending on their degree structure) along side second-and final-year BA English and Modern Language Plus students.

Continuing BASc students receive one tutorial per term with a personal tutor (in the autumn and spring terms) for each of their English courses. One essay is written for each tutorial; these are a requirement for the course, though tutorial essay marks do not contribute to the final assessment for the course. Second/Final Year BASc students will find information relevant to them in Part 1 of the Undergraduate Handbook, and should also refer to the ‘Guidance on Examinations 2016-17’ and ‘Style Sheet for Essays’ documents in the appendices.

BASc students do not have the option of writing a Course Essay in the place of a desk exam.

The English Department BASc Tutor (who convenes the ENGL1004 course) is Dr Kathryn Allan.


First Year Course

Second and Third Year Courses

Punctuation Guide

This guide aims to explain the basic rules of punctuation, and to help undergraduates to avoid some of the most common errors. It is intended as a rapid reference tool and is by no means exhaustive.

For more detailed explanations students are advised to look at Fowler’s Modern English Usage.

Style Sheet
Examinations and Long Essays

Please see the Undergraduate Handbook 2017-18 for important information about the examinations, including the 'Examinations' sections in Part 2 (for first years) and Part 3 (for second years), and the departmental 'Guidance on Examinations 2017-18' for all undergraduates except for first-year BA English students (in Appendix 3). First years should consult the 'Exam Matters' section in the first-year course Moodle page where a copy of the December email to students, giving dates of the Sessional Examinations, and the spring term letter with exam descriptions and timetable, can be found. First-year Modern Language Plus and Latin/English students have been emailed information separately.

In addition, all second and third years should read the UCL Examination Guide for Candidates carefully, and look at the general exams pages for all UCL students.

The UCL Undergraduate Examination Period for 2018 is 25 April to 25 May inclusive. Dates and locations for individual exams are to be found on students' personal exam timetables which can be accessed via Portico.

  • BA English first-year Sessional Examination past papers are available from the first-year course Moodle page (and from the English Department Office).
  • First-year BASc students should consult the Moodle page for the ENGL1004 'Introduction to English Literature' course for details on assessment.


Extenuating Circumstances Form:

For the UCL Extenuating Circumstances Claim Form, see the annexes of Chapter 4 of the UCL Academic Manual. In addition, it is important to read Chapter 4, Section 6.2 of the UCL Academic Manual before completing the form.

Undergraduate students should hand completed claim forms, together with any evidence, to Anita Garfoot in the English Department Office (within one week of the circumstance concerned).


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