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Information on English Department modules available to full-degree students of other UCL departments. Please email English Enquiries

BASc students

First-year UCL BASc students can take the designated half-unit ‘Introduction to English Literature’ (ENGL0005) as part of the BASc ‘Cultures’ pathway. This is examined by two final essays, but there are no additional tutorial essays to write (and first-year BASc students are not part of the English Department personal tutor system).

Much information about the course, and the assessment, is to be found on the course Moodle page for (ENGL0005).

BASc students who achieve a mark of 60 or more in each of the two assessed essays for (ENGL0005) can continue in subsequent years to take full-year courses (one or more, depending on their degree structure) along side second-and final-year BA English and Modern Language and English students.

Continuing BASc students receive one tutorial per term with a personal tutor (in the autumn and spring terms) for each of their English courses. One essay is written for each tutorial; these are a requirement for the course, though tutorial essay marks do not contribute to the final assessment for the course.

BASc students will find information relevant to them in the English Department Undergraduate Handbook 2022-23, and should also refer to the ‘Guidance on Examinations and ‘Style Sheet for Essays’ documents on the Course Moodle page.

BASc students do not have the option of writing a Course Essay in the place of a desk exam.

The English Department BASc Tutor (who convenes the ENGL0005 course is Dr Amy Faulkner.

Examinations and Long Essays
  • All information relating to undergraduate examinations and long essays can be found on the first-year course Moodle page (for sessional examinations) and the English Department Moodle Homepage (for second-and third year examinations). 
  • First-year BASc students should consult the Moodle page for the ENGL0005 'Introduction to English Literature' course for details on assessment.
  • Affiliate students should consult the Moodle page for Affiliate Students for details on assessment.
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