UK MARKAL Documentation

The UK MARKAL manual was produced in 2008.  Please cite the manual as follows: "Kannan, R., N. Strachan, S. Pye, G. Anandarajah and N. Balta-Ozkan (2007). UK MARKAL Model Documentation. Available from: www.ucl.ac.uk/energy-models/models/uk-markal"

 UK MARKAL manual
1 Introduction Overview of UKERC and the UK MARKAL project
Model structure Explanation of overall model structure and arrangement of sub-modules, plus details of base module (energy carriers that links all sub-modules/emission carriers, eg C02, N0x, S02).
3 Energy resources Energy Resource supply of the UK energy system via imports, domestic mining and exports
4 Energy process and infrastructure Energy processes, including hydrogen production, refineries.  Energy infrastructure, including gas transmission and distribution pipeline, LNG terminals, etc.
5 Electricity and heat generation (and appendix) Power (electricity and heat) generation technologies and transmission and distribution electric grids
6 Residential sector Residential sector energy service demand and demand technologies
7 Service sector Service sector energy service demand and demand technologies
8 Transport sector Transport sector energy service demand and demand technologies
9 Industry and agricultural sector Industrial and agricultural sector energy service demand and demand technologies
10 Model variants MARKAL-Macro, -MED, -Spatial and -Temporal versions

Subsequent model updates are described in two UCL reports:

A short description of the 2-region version of UK MARKAL is also available.
UK MARKAL is built on the MARKAL platform, which is developed by the Energy Technology Systems Analysis Program (ETSAP) implementing agreement of the International Energy Agency and is used for many similar models around the world.  The manuals for MARKAL are freely available on the ETSAP website.