DynEMo investigates how society engenders demands for energy services that vary with time and climate, and how renewable and other energy resources can be deployed to meet these demands.

The schematic diagram below shows the principal components of the energy system currently modelled.

The aim of DynEMo is to capture the behaviour of all the main elements of the energy system, including both people and technologies. In consequence, the modelling of any individual element, such as heat pump performance, is relatively simple.

DynEMo is a dynamic model which captures the complexity and variability of energy consuming behaviour and coherently links the behaviour, the built stock and the energy supply in a dynamic, hourly demand-supply system. It also includes scenarios showing the evolution of delivery dynamics for sample days in 2010 to 2050.

Energy demands and supplies are calculated in DynEMo on time steps from minutes to years. The model is written in Excel VBA, the VBA programme decodes the equations and translates them into Excel formulae.  The model runs in few seconds and standard packages can be applied (e.g. @Risk or Solver). The model has an integrated dynamic domestic stock model that can be run for selected people and dwelling combinations and weather data for the period 2010 to 2050.

DynEMo operates in simulation and optimisation mode in the standard version.

DynEMo schematic diagram

Model summary

Type: Whole energy (technology, cost, optimisation) system model
Purpose: Whole system assessment; People-dwellings combinations; Decarbonisation pathways
Spatial scale: Single energy system - applied to the UK  and France
Temporal scale: From minutes to years - 4 seasons, peak days, weekend and weekday day
Main contact: Mark Barrett
Other contacts: Catalina Spataru


Documentation for DynEMo is available here.


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