Exemplar Projects

  • Stratified interventions in acute tissue injury led by Dr Charlotte Summers (Cambridge). This programme has a UK-wide network of co-investigators and collaborators:

Co-Investigators: Prof Geoff Bellingan (UCL), Prof John Simpson (Newcastle), Prof Mark Griffiths (QMUL), Prof Danny McAuley (QUB), Prof Peter Openshaw (ICL), Dr Adam Brown (GSK)

Collaborators: Prof David Thickett (Birmingham), Dr Kenneth Ballie (Edinburgh), Prof Julien Knight (Oxford), Prof Charles Hinds (QMUL)

The intractable critical care problem of ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) is currently at an earlier stage of development but if positive, will facilitate the rapid translation to clinical endotyping. The strategy is to employ advanced bioinformatic analysis of available clinical samples in order to identify actionable clinical endotypes and shortly thereafter, initiate a clinical trial using a suitable asset available from the large GSK portfolio of immune modulators.

  • Epigenetic modifications in Dupuytren's Diseases (DD), Mr Neil Millar and Prof. Iain McInnes (Newcastle). This project will explore the epigenetic regulation of the IL-13 receptor in this condition. DD is a clinical problem in its own right but also an intriguing model of fibrosis in an accessible (biopsy possible) tissue site that can offer inferential advances of fibrotic disorders of major organs which are difficult to study for the obvious challenge of repetitive access to major organ tissue.