UCL Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering


Electronic and Electrical Engineering MPhil/PhD

We have a large and vibrant community of doctoral students researching a broad range of topics in electronic and electrical engineering.

The majority of our doctoral students study for a PhD. This is a 3- or 4-year programme focusing on one principal research topic. On this programme the majority of your research will be carried out at UCL under the supervision of a member of academic staff.  Alternatively student could apply through our CDT programmes; Connected Electronic and Photonic Systems Advanced Characterisation of Materials , Delivering Quantum Technologies or an EngD based in industry.

For a PhD students initially register for an MPhil degree and transfer to the PhD programme after a year pending success in a transfer examination. The final examination for a PhD is by the presentation of a thesis, which will be read by both an external examiner (i.e. someone from outside UCL), and an internal examiner (from within UCL). These two examiners will then arrange an oral examination. The usual period taken to complete a PhD is three to four years but the College regulations allow for completion after two years. An MPhil may also be obtained after two years’ research.

In order to apply for our Doctoral Programmes you will need to meet the UCL entry requirements .

We strongly encourage you to contact our supervisors to start to plan for your potential application. To enhance your chances of success we also advise you to look for the different opportunities of funding available to finance your doctoral studies within our department.


Key information

To find out core information about this degree, such as entry requirements, programme length and cost, visit the UCL Graduate Degrees site.

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