UCL Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering


EEE member appointed new Vice-Dean

24 May 2023

Dr Rob Thompson, EEE's Strategic Alliance Director, is appointed as new Vice-Dean for Enterprise.

Dr Rob Thompson, new Vice-Dean of Engineering

We are delighted to announce Dr Rob Thompson has been appointed as Vice-Dean within the Faculty of Engineering, for a period of three years.

Rob - a PhD graduate of the department - has a strong research background with UCL Electronic and Electrical Engineering (EEE) along with having held a research fellowship in the London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN).

The new role will build upon his wide ranging experience in driving societal and economic impact from research, and working closely with academics and research colleagues to develop new and innovative ways of engaging beyond the lab.

As a new Vice-Dean Rob's focus will be on innovation, enterprise and driving impact. His vision is to encourage cross-departmental partnership offerings, making sure UCL Engineering leverages the power of its diversity and breadth. He is a past holder of a Media Fellowship having brought the scheme to UCL, and believes we need to increase our communication to industrial audiences. Rob has worked within several departments across the Faculty as well as beyond UCL and looks forward to engaging across the entirety of the Faculty.

On being appointed, Rob stated:

Seeing research escape from the lab and the academic publications to make real world impact is what excites me. I want to use my time as Vice-Dean to maximise the value created when our community invest in these activities, ensuring UCL Engineering is on a trajectory to be one of the most engaged faculties in the country.