UCL Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering


Congratulations to PhD student Waseem Ozan

19 March 2020

The Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering's (EEE) PhD student Waseem Ozan successfully passed his PhD examination.

Waseem Ozan

After an intense three hour interrogation, EEE Institute of Communications and Connected Systems (ICCS) PhD student Waseem Ozan (pictured, centre) was awarded his PhD with no corrections. 

Waseem started his EEE journey with a MSc and was subsequently offered a fully-funded PhD given his brilliant MSc achievements.

Supervised by Professor Izzat Darwazeh (pictured, right), Waseem's PhD research centres around developing new signal and system architectures for wireless communications that can be used in cellular and wireless LAN systems.  

Part of his PhD was based on joint work with Princeton University in the USA and he spent 7 months there as a visiting research student.

He published 12 papers during his PhD, some in leading conferences and journals. He also won a National Instruments industrial award, the best paper award from an IEEE conference and was praised highly by his examiners at the end of his PhD viva.