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The Optical Networks Group (ONG) feature on a BBC CrowdScience podcast

13 January 2020

ONG, headed by Prof Polina Bayvel, gave their take on the weight of digital information

ong crowdscience

Ever wondered what a ‘yottabyte’ is? 

The EEE Optical Networks Group (ONG) were approached by the BBC for their research expertise in determining the weight of information for a CrowdScience podcast entitled 'How low-carbon can CrowdScience go?'…and were left stumped by Prof Polina Bayvel’s response: a ‘yottabyte’. 

Find out more by listening to the podcast here. Fast forward to ONG at 27:04 minutes. 

BBC CrowdScience is a weekly podcast, taking questions about life, earth and the universe to researchers hunting for answers at the frontiers of knowledge.

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If academics or researchers within EEE have a research question that can potentially be turned into a podcast for CrowdScience, please contact Navta Vij n.vij@ucl.ac.uk for an informal chat.