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Are you interested in Satellite Communications?

16 January 2020

UCL signed a memorandum of collaboration with the the European Space Agency (ESA). Read on for more on how the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering is involved.

Satellite communications

Recently, UCL agreed a memorandum of collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA). This collaboration, called ESA_Lab@UCL, is one of the most comprehensive partnerships to date between the ESA and a university. It builds on existing co-operation between the two institutions in regard to UCL’s research in areas relating to space applications

As part of ESA_Lab@UCL, the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering is involved in the Telecommunication for Space theme, led by our Department’s Dr Katarzyna (Kasia) Balakier. 

Kasia, who is a research fellow in the Photonic Group, promoted the topic of Satellite Communications at ESA_Lab@UCL building on her research on photonic integrated circuits (PICs) for satellite applications following the award of EPSRC UKRI Innovation Fellowship in 2018. She uses ESA_Lab as a platform to develop links between Photonics and Space related research, as well as keep relevant ESA experts informed of the results of such investigations. 

So, if colleagues from across the department or faculty have an interest in this, would like to collaborate and share knowledge… get in touch! Kasia is your first point of call, please email her your queries in the first instance: k.balakier@ucl.ac.uk.

Satellite image credit: ESA