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NEW BOOK: The Analytical Foundations of Loop Antennas and Nano-Scaled Rings

19 December 2019

New book by Dr Arni McKinley available now

Arni new book

Dr Arni McKinley, Teaching Fellow in the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, has released a new book. 

Entitled ‘The Analytical Foundations of Loop Antennas and Nano-Scaled Rings’, Arni’s book makes use of antenna theory perspective to deconstruct lossy metal, circular, round-wire loop antennas and nano-scaled rings from the radio frequency (RF) regime through infrared and the optical region. 

Nano-scaled loops, constructed as split-ring resonators, are useful as the key components in various types of meta-material structures. The book looks at the various resonances of these split-rings and the ways in which they couple to produce their interesting and unexpected behaviour

This is also the first time that all of the historical material found in the literature has appeared in one place. Arni will also make available the MATLAB code employing theory, on request. 

The book is published by Springer and is also available for purchase as an ebook.

About the author
Dr. McKinley received his PhD in Engineering from the Australian National University, where he worked in the Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems. Dr. McKinley also holds two Master's degrees from Stanford University in Electrical Engineering and in Engineering Economic Systems. His interests focus on the use of these rings for solar cells, for meta-materials, and for terahertz (THz) communications. Dr. McKinley recently accepted a post asa Teaching Fellow in the Electrical Engineering Department at University College London,where he plans to develop courses in Renewable Energy Systems and to continue his research into the theory and application of loop antennas and nano-scaled rings.

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