UCL Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering


Supporting diversity through scholarships

We want to give the opportunity of a UCL and EEE education to more people from backgrounds under-represented within engineering through a targeted programme of fully-funded scholarships.

Lack of diversity is systemic

Electronic and Electrical Engineering (EEE), along with the engineering and technology sectors that our graduates go on to be the leadership and life-force of, do not currently reflect the rich diversity of the communities we serve and the world to which we belong.

There is a particular lack of representation of women, Black students, and people from low-income backgrounds in our community. This hampers our ability to respond to global challenges effectively and deliver solutions and innovations that work for everyone.

The cost of funding studies and the prospect of significant student loan debt can make the prospect of university seem unattainable. When other factors are added into the mix – challenging gender stereotypes in a male-dominated field or facing systemic obstacles due to race or ethnicity – barriers can seem insurmountable.

The power of scholarships to drive change

Scholarships can help change this. By offering financial support to those who need it most, scholarships help ensure that no one has to forgo a university education due to circumstances beyond their control.

With greater financial security, scholars are able to choose the courses they want and fully embrace the opportunities that come with being part of a dynamic university environment.

Scholarships also demonstrate a powerful belief in individuals, showing them that higher education is for them, that EEE and the engineering and technology sectors are for them, and that they belong here as much as anyone else.

Scholarships are critical to enabling those who have the talent, but not the resources, to come to EEE and reach their potential. I’m excited to work with likeminded partners to bring the unique EEE experience within reach of more people who deserve it."
Professor Sarah Spurgeon, Head of the Department

You can help to empower a wider range of minds and voices to study at Electronic and Electrical Engineering (EEE), and build a pipeline of diverse, talented future changemakers who will shape the industries they go on to join. Will you support scholarships at EEE today? 

Our plan: Impactful scholarships at Electronic and Electrical Engineering (EEE)

We want to provide at-least ten philanthropically-funded full-scholarships per academic year across EEE’s wide-ranging undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, to individuals from groups currently under-represented in the department, including:

  • Women
  • Black students
  • Students from low-income backgrounds

Individuals from these groups are also under-represented in the engineering, technology and higher education sectors more widely.

A supportive environment to allow scholars to excel

As well as financial support, EEE scholarship recipients will join a holistically supportive academic environment, with UCL’s dedicated initiatives to help students acclimatise to the intricacies of academic writing. Resources available include the dedicated UCL Academic Communication Centre, a service to enhance UCL students’ discipline-specific writing and speaking skills through tailored workshops, classes and tutorials for native and non-native English speakers.

Preparing students to unleash their potential

The Engineering Foundation Year, with its first cohort beginning in September 2023, is a one-year pre-undergraduate course with sector-leading wraparound pastoral support. The course will enable UK students from nontraditional educational backgrounds to enter UCL and progress to an engineering degree, including Electronic and Electrical Engineering. Our aspiration is that within our portfolio of scholarships we will be able to support students entering via the Engineering Foundation Year and progressing onto an EEE degree.