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Collaborating to Advance Optical Networks

UCL Electronic and Electrical Engineering has worked with multinational specialist materials company Corning since 1994, pushing the boundaries of optical communications and network capacity

3 November 2023


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The Optical Networks Group (ONG), a world leading research group within UCL's Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department, has been collaborating with Corning, a global innovator in material science, since ONG's inception in 1994 to address the biggest challenges facing the communications sector.
Among many successes from the collaboration, is the development and demonstration of long-distance transmission in challenging terrains, such as forests and deserts. Corning and UCL continue to jointly anticipate and address the sector's biggest future challenges, developing technologies to lead on the evolution of optical communications infrastructure.
Find out how in our video "Collaborating to Advance Optical Networks".

UCL Electronic and Electrical Engineering is passionate about creating real world impact, with a track record of industry collaboration dating back to 1899, when John Ambrose Fleming became Scientific Advisor to the Marconi Company. Our globally pioneering research is still at the forefront of innovation. We build on our long-established links with industry through collaborative and sponsored research, and industry supervised student projects.

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