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CORE Econ ebooks

CORE Econ has produced a number of free ebooks and resources for students, teachers and anyone interested in economics.

The Economy

CORE textbook, The Economy

CORE Econ's The Economy is an interactive ebook for a first course in economics produced by an international collaboration of research economists, teachers and students committed to a global sharing of an economics that can address the challenges facing the world today.

The Economy is a complete introduction to economics and the economy that has been successfully taught both to economics undergraduates and in masters courses in public policy.

Economy, Society, and Public Policy (ESPP)

Economy Society and Public Policy ebook cover

You can also access Economy, Society, and Public Policy, which is suitable if you're not studying economics as your major subject.


Doing Economics

CORE Textbook, Doing Economics

A companion ebook to Economy, Society, and Public Policy is also available, Doing Economics, a collection of 12 empirical projects with hands-on quantitative exercises using real world data. 


Experiencing Economics

Experiencing Economics ebook cover

Experiencing Economics is an ebook of experiments and games that you can run with your students online or in-the-classroom to help them learn about economics while participating in economically interesting situations. The experiments and games complement the units in The Economy and Economy, Society, and Public Policy, and can also be used alongside other textbooks.

These ebooks, and a wealth of additional resources for teachers and students, is available for free at www.core-econ.org.