UCL Department of Economics


Honorary & Affiliated

Stuart Adam (UCL Honorary Senior Researcher and Senior Research Economist at IFS)

Location: Institute for Fiscal Studies


Jerome Adda (Honorary Professor)


Kenneth Binmore (Emeritus Professor)

Location: Room 110, Drayton House
Expertise: Evolutionary game theory, bargaining theory, experimental economics, political philosophy, mathematics and statistics.


Anne Brockmeyer (Honorary Associate Professor)

Email: a.brockmeyer@ucl.ac.uk
Website: annebrockmeyer.com
Anne's research lies at the intersection of public finance and development economics, with a focus on tax system design.  

Antonio Cabrales (Honorary Professor)


Victor Chernozhukov (Honorary Professor)


Mariacristina de Nardi (Honorary Professor)


Steffen Huck (Emeritus Professor)

Steffan's research focuses on behavioural and experimental economics, game theory and IO.


Paul Johnson (Visiting Professor)



Roger Koenker (Honorary Professor)

John Mark (Honorary Lecturer)

Tatiana Paredes Torres (Honorary Senior Research Associate)

Email: t.paredes@ucl.ac.uk

Elena Pastorino (Honorary Senior Research Associate)

Nicholas Rau (Emeritus)

Expertise: Macroeconomics (mainly 'new open economy')


Richard Smith (Honorary Professor)


James Symons (Emeritus Reader in Economics)

Donald Verry (Honorary Lecturer)

Website:  (To be updated)

Martin Weidner (Honorary Lecturer)

Website:  (To be updated)