UCL Department of Economics


TA Award winners

24 June 2011

Every year the Department of Economics recruits a large number of Teaching Assistants within and external to UCL. The department prides itself on attracting the cream of the crop in terms of academic merit and achievements. The awards are given to those TAs who have received outstanding feedback from staff and students.

The 2010-11 winners were:

First place, £100 cash

  • Michael Amior – ECON1006: History of Economic Thought
  • Dan Rogger – ECON1602: Basic Microeconomic Concepts
  • Ahmed Alkhaja – ECON7010: Economics of Development
  • Silvia Espinosa – ECONG020: Econometrics (MSc)
  • Andres Uthemann – ECONG022: Macroeconomics (MSc)
  • James Cloyne – G105: Macroeconomics (MRes)

Second place, £25 book tokens

  • Christian Spielmann – ECON2004: Macroeconomic Theory & Policy
  • Giovanni Ko – ECON2001: Microeconomics
  • Eleni Aristodemou – ECON2007: Quantitative Economics & Econometrics
  • Fadi Hassan – ECON2004: Macroeconomic Theory & Policy
  • Myra Mohen – ECON3009: Economics of Law
  • Jaime Millan Quijano – ECON3016: Economics of Information
  • Marieke Schnabel – ECONG050: Behavioural Economics
  • Anna Raute – ECON1002: Applied Economics and ECONG037: Economics of Migration

Honourable mention, bottle of bubbly

  • Florian Oswald - ECONG040: Economics and Econometrics of Policy Evaluation
  • Andrea Locatelli – ECON7010: Economics of Development
  • Laura Jaitman – ECON1004: Introduction to Maths for Economists I
  • Christian Krestel – ECON3014: Game Theory
  • Yves Gueron – ECONG021: Microeconomics (MSc)