UCL Department of Economics


Leadership Team and Department Tutors

Our leadership team provides the strategic direction for the Department of Economics

Head of Department
Antonio Guarino

Email: economics.hod@ucl.ac.uk

Deputy Head of Department
Kalina Manova

Email: k.manova@ucl.ac.uk

Deputy Head of Department
Vincent Sterk

Email: v.sterk@ucl.ac.uk

Department Manager
Snjezana Voloscuk

Email: s.voloscuk@ucl.ac.uk

Athena Swan Committee Chair
Gabriella Conti

Email: gabriella.conti@ucl.ac.uk

International Relations
Wei Cui

Email: w.cui@ucl.ac.uk

Public Engagement
Ramin Nassehi

Email: r.nassehi@ucl.ac.uk

EDI Committee Chair
Suphanit Piyapromdee 

Email: s.piyapromdee@ucl.ac.uk

Programme Directors 

BSc Economics Programme Co-Directors
Aureo De Paula

Email: a.paula@ucl.ac.uk

Dunli Li

Email: dunli.li@ucl.ac.uk

MSc Economics Programme Director
Nikita Roketskiy

Email: n.roketskiy@ucl.ac.uk

MSc Finance Scientific Director
Frédéric Malherbe 

Email: f.malherbe@ucl.ac.uk

MRes/MPhil/PhD Programme Director
Fabien Postel-Vinay 

Email: f.postel-vinay@ucl.ac.uk

Department Tutors

BSc Admissions Tutor
Marcos Vera Hernandez

Email: m.vera@ucl.ac.uk

Undergraduate Department Tutor and Exam Board Chair 
Frank Witte

Email: f.witte@ucl.ac.uk

Affiliates and Year Abroad (L102) Tutor
Beatriz Armendariz 

Email: b.armendariz@ucl.ac.uk

Undergraduate Further Study Tutor
Parama Chaudhury

Email: p.chaudhury@ucl.ac.uk

BSc Economics and Maths and Economics and Stats Tutor
Malcolm Pemberton

Email: malcolm.pemberton@ucl.ac.uk

BSc Economics and Geography Tutor
Ian Preston 

Email: i.preston@ucl.ac.uk

PPE and Philosophy and Economics Tutor
Valerie Lechene 

Email: v.lechene@ucl.ac.uk

MSc Admissions Tutor

Nikita Roketskiy

Email: n.roketskiy@ucl.ac.uk

Graduate Tutor
Ian Preston

Email: i.preston@ucl.ac.uk