UCL Department of Economics


2009-10 Past placements

PhD graduates and Post-Doctoral Researchers from the Department of Economics have gone on to the following positions:

Emma Aguila RAND, Santa Monica USA
Economics of aging; health economics; labor economics; development economics

Chiara Binelli Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Nuffield College Oxford

Nick Bloom first placement McKinsey, currently at Department of Economics, Stanford University
Real options and uncertainty, managerial and organizational economics, innovation and technology

Le-Yu Chen

Mette Christensen Department of Economics, Manchester University
Applied Microeconomics, Cross Sectional Econometrics, Household Behaviour, Preference Heterogeneity, Economics of Ageing

Giacomo De Giorgi Department of Economics, Stanford University
Labor economics, development, applied microeconometrics

Giovanni Gallipoli Department of Economics, University of British Columbia
Macroeconomics, Labour Economics, Applied Econometrics

Heike Harmgart European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
Consumer behaviour, supermarket entry behaviour, retail productivity

Rupert Harrison Special Advisor to George Osborne, Shadow Chancellor for the Conservative Party
Productivity, innovation and public policy

Gareth Macartney OnPoint Analytics Berkeley CA USA
Regulation, employment, productivity and innovation

Topi Miettinen first placement at Max Planck Institute of Economics, currently at SITE/Stockholm School of Economics
Microeconomics; Descriptive game theory and non-cooperative games; Bargaining and negotiations, Economics and psychology; Design of experiments; Learning, information and knowledge, expectations