UCL Department of Economics


Economic Theory/Experimental Seminar: David Levine (EUI)

12 October 2021, 4:30 pm–6:00 pm

south cloisters corridor ucl

As part of the "Economic Theory/Experimental Seminar" series, David Levine from the European University Institute (EUI) will be speaking at this seminar. More to follow.

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Duarte Gonçalves and Deniz Kattwinkel

LocationB03 Ricardo LT in Drayton House

Paper: http://home.dklevine.com/archive/refs411694000000000059.pdf

Abstract: We provide a model showing that a firm's employees may prefer to protect shirkers because this optimally reduces overall effort. This is the case when labor demand is inelastic and individual behavior is easily monitored. In this case, employees have a strong incentive to conceal information about peers' performance from firms, what has been infamously known as the blue wall of silence in the case of the police.