UCL Department of Economics


2015/16 Graduate Placement

This year we prepared 13 PhD students and 3 post-docs for the 2015 job market. At the time of writing 11 of the 16 have made decisions and have positions in place for 2016/17.

Daniella Harper did great work overseeing the process, organising meetings and the various aspects of the job market preparation. During September - December 2015 we: discussed the job market and the way it operates, commented on two job market paper presentation sessions, delivered interview and presentation training, gave practice interviews and rehearsed short presentations. Thanks to the faculty who contributed to this, and to Daniella.

Most of our candidates attended the ASSA meetings in January in San Francisco and some attended the Spanish job market meeting in Girona and/or the RES meeting at Westminster Business School in central London.

The placements known to me at the time of writing are as follows:

  • Mario Alloza – Bank of Spain
  • Eleni Aristodemou – University of Amsterdam
  • Laura Blow – University of Surrey
  • Simon Gorlach – Bocconi University
  • Ines Helm – Stockholm University
  • Eeva Mauring – University of Vienna
  • Myra Mohnen – University of Essex
  • Bryony Reich – Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
  • Alireza Sepahsalari – University of Bristol
  • Alexandros Theloudis – Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research
  • Lukas Wenner – University of Cologne. 

Congratulations to all. Now it is time for the 2016/17 job market candidates to discuss strategy with their advisors.

Andrew Chesher