UCL Department of Economics


2014/15 Graduate Placement

This year we prepared 8 PhD students and 3 post-docs for the 2015 job market. Happily all have offers and at the time of writing 10 of the 11 have made decisions and have positions in place for 2015/6.

William Nicholas (maternity cover for MPhil/PhD Programmes Administrator) did great work organising meetings at which during October-December 2014 we discussed; the job market and the way it operates, commented on two job market paper presentation sessions, delivered interview and presentation training, gave two practice interviews and rehearsed short presentations.

Thanks to William and the faculty who contributed to these sessions and to Daniella Harper (MPhil/PhD Programmes Administrator) who picked up from William and completed the process.

Most of our candidates attended the ASSA meetings in January in Boston and some attended the Spanish job market meeting in Palma da Mallorca and/or the RES meeting at UCL.

The placements currently confirmed are as follows:

  • Cathy Balfe – Bank of England
  • Anna Bindler - University of Gothenburg
  • Thomas Cornelissen – University of York
  • Lucie Gadenne – University of Warwick
  • Boris Ginzburg – Carlos III
  • Christian Krestel – University of Helsinki
  • Luigi Minale – Carlos III
  • Nicolas Motz – Carlos III
  • Florian Oswald – Sciences Po
  • Michela Tincani – UCL

Congratulations to all concerned on a very successful job market. Preparations will begin shortly for next year’s job market candidates to discuss strategy with their advisors.

- information provided by Andrew Chesher