Eastman Dental Institute


Leticia Sarubbi

From Paraguay, studying Special Care Dentistry MSc

UCL is well known about its academic excellence, being ranked one of the top ten universities in the world. I choose to study at Eastman because the Masters in Special Care Dentistry is well known as one of the best and first to open in the world. I also met a former student from another country from South America who after studying this Masters developed the speciality in her country, and she recommended me the course.

I liked the exposure we had in clinics, attending different hospitals and clinics, having the opportunity to provide dental treatment to patients with very complex medical histories from different ethnicities and cultures in a safe environment. Studying at UCL Eastman gave me the opportunity to have a one to one teaching experience with highly qualified professors and doctors, who followed my learning process very closely throughout the year.

I had the opportunity to meet interesting people during my year at Eastman, including my colleagues and teachers with who I expect to have continuous communication for a mutual collaboration with the expansion of special care dentistry worldwide. I feel my studies at Eastman gave me the academic and clinical skills to accomplish my goals and a great advantage to lead the field in my country.

I will go back to Paraguay and my aim is to develop special care as a speciality there. My plan is to work with my former university (The National University of Asuncion) to incorporate special care to its curriculum, providing dental treatment to patients with special needs and also impulse research studies from there. In the future I also want to collaborate with national organisations to create national guidelines to provide dental treatment to patients with different special needs in a responsible, scientific and professional way.