Eastman Dental Institute


Lama Dakkouri

From Jordan, studying Special Care Dentistry MSc; previously studied Paediatric Dentistry DDent

In my opinion Eastman / UCL has been known to have a renowned, great and well-known reputation. Being educated by its fellow teachers and professors is an honor to me. It is one of the greatest rewards for my motivation and persistence for success.

I did a Dental Doctorate in Paediatric Dentistry followed by Masters in Special Care Dentistry at UCL Eastman. My training at the Eastman has equipped me with enormous knowledge to achieve my goals. My degrees helped me to develop key clinical and academic skills that are ideal preparation for a dental career promoting the progress of dentistry and humanity
During my studies at the Eastman I was exposed to distinct clinical experience that enriched my dental skills and knowledge. It also showed me that I could rise the challenge and seek further education.
My main aims are to establish a dental service in the Middle East serving both children and adult patients with special care and also to introduce these dental aspects in the undergraduate and postgraduate educational levels. So, I would like to develop a career in academic teaching and continue further studies.