Eastman Dental Institute


Kunal Patel

Studied Endodontics MSc in the Restorative Dentistry Department

Dr Kunal Patel

You just have to look into the academic backgrounds of the most prominent and talented dentists within the UK, to realise that many of them trace at least a part of their training to this institute. UCL Eastman has deservedly earned a reputation for producing world renowned dentists and thus an easy decision for those aspiring to maximise their potential. In many regards, it remains the only institute to still offer the very highest level of teaching expected by the best within the dental community; an easy choice for those willing to attain more than just a Master’s degree.

Regardless of your dental background or your previous clinical experience, UCL Eastman is like a fresh start to not just your dentistry but also your life in general. I gained a world-class Masters degree in Endodontology but the greatest achievement were the friends I met during my time here. I felt part of a small family who made the journey all that more rewarding. 

As a postgraduate from the Institutue, I feel confident in my dentistry and privileged to be a part of a respected community. The degree has opened many career doors, which previously did not exist. I share my time in private practice, hospital and teaching. I believe diversity is key to ensuring a fulfilling, happy practising life and it has allowed me to fall in love with the profession.