Eastman Dental Institute


Dr Pok Lam Fung (Polly)

Studied Oral Medicine MSc and awarded a PhD in Oral Medicine

I applied for UCL Eastman as it is the only institute providing a taught masters programme in Oral Medicine in the UK. I enjoyed my MSc course, therefore I stayed at the Institutue for my PhD. I was also lucky enough to receive the UCL Grand Challenge Studentships and Overseas Research Scholarships to fund my PhD study.

My PhD project was a genome-wide association study on jaw osteonecrosis. UCL Eastman was the leader of the study and I had the opportunity to collaborate with the international Serious Adverse Event Consortium (iSAEC), the University of Liverpool, Department of Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology, and over 30 European clinical centres.

Through UCL Eastman, I learned about the opportunity to volunteer at the Royal College of Surgeons of England. I was invited to give regular talks on Phossy Jaw at the Hunterian Museum. I was also involved in curating an exhibition at the Wellcome Museum of Anatomy and Pathology.

By virtue of my MSc and PhD, I am, to date, the only registered dentist in Hong Kong to possess dedicated qualifications in Oral Medicine. I now serve as clinical associate in Oral Medicine in the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital and the Hong Kong Dental Implant and Maxillofacial Centre. I also collaborate actively with the University of Hong Kong on research and community service projects.

My supervisors gave me good advice on career development. I also found their teaching very helpful when I start my private practice in Oral Medicine in Hong Kong.

[Pictured L-R: Dr Valeria Mercadante, Dr Rachel Leeson, Pok Lam Fung (Polly)]