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Restorative Dental Practice MSc at UCL Eastman Dental Institute: a postgraduate student perspective

1 October 2021

Dr Zahraa Al-Ali, a current Restorative Dental Practice MSc student who joined the programme in January 2021, shares her thoughts on why she chose to undertake postgraduate dentistry training, and why she chose the UCL Eastman Dental Institute.

Zahraa, a Restorative Dental Practice MSc student, and a dental lab

Why do postgraduate training in dentistry?

It became clear from my early years in general practice that the procedures I enjoyed the most, looked forward to, and took pride in were restorative and cosmetic work. I realised that to improve my dentistry, maximise my potential, and progress in this career path, I needed to pursue postgraduate training in restorative dentistry. It was an easy decision for me to study restorative dental practice at UCL Eastman due to the excellent reputation and prestige of the dental institute. 

Studying Restorative Dental Practice MSc at the Eastman has changed my outlook towards the way I approach treatment planning and elevated my clinical skills to provide evidence-based, predictable dentistry to a high standard. The treatment planning and dental work I deliver on a day-to-day basis now are the best I have delivered so far in my career. I look forward to learning more as the course progresses to continue improving and tackling more challenging restorative cases.

Being a student at UCL Eastman has also presented new opportunities and aspirations in my career path that were not present before.

Why study at the UCL Eastman Dental Institute?

Not only do most, if not all, renowned specialists and talented dentists across the country train at the Eastman, but they usually come back and teach here too! 

The teaching quality is second to none and every topic is taught by renowned specialists in that area. The sessions are held in small groups at state-of-the-art facilities, with personalised support. At every teaching day, I felt privileged, appreciative, and proud to be part of a respected community.

Being back at the heart of London has brought me back to my days at university with joyful memories, fun outings, and good company as with my peers at the Eastman. Interacting with like-minded individuals and sharing experiences and opportunities has been very welcome and the highlight of my week, especially during the last year and a half when we all have been isolating due to COVID.

I would recommend every dentist who wishes to pursue a career in restorative dentistry, implants, or prosthodontics to study the restorative dental practice MSc at the Eastman if they have the opportunity. This course will consolidate the candidate’s knowledge and understanding of key principles of restorative dentistry and enhance clinical skills on a practical level. 

Professor Albert Leung

We are proud to be able to offer a high quality, prestigious and well run programme to help to enhance the skills and acumen of the discerning dentists in practice. Please come and join us." - Professor Albert Leung (Programme Director)

Dr Neil Nathwani (Deputy Programme Director, Specialist Prosthodontist)

I am very happy to introduce first-years to the MSc Programme. I am currently running taster days throughout October. This year we have had 36 students and the programme is extremely popular, students really get a lot out of it." - Dr Neil Nathwani (Deputy Programme Director, Specialist Prosthodontist)