Eastman Dental Institute


Exhibiting on the world stage: UCL Eastman at the AEEDC

13 February 2020

Dr Peter Fine presenting on dental trauma

We were recently delighted to showcase our research and academic programmes at the AEEDC conference in Dubai.

This annual, three-day event attracts over 40,000 visitors and 1600 exhibitors from around the world.

Four of our senior academics were also invited to deliver a one-day series of lectures on dental trauma:

Dr Peter Fine, presented on the prevalence and epidemiology of dental trauma and on the emergency management of such in adult patients. In the afternoon session, Dr Fine also spoke on the implications of soft tissue trauma, specifically to the periodontal ligament and the importance of splinting these teeth.

Professor Paul Ashley discussed the implications of dental trauma in paediatric patients, considering potential consequences on adult dentition. 

Dr Pranay Sharma spoke about restoring fractured teeth in adult patients, illustrating his talk with clinical examples to support the theory that had preceded it. He also gave a lecture considering prosthetic restoration of teeth lost by trauma.

Finally, Professor Paula Ng presented on the endodontic complications following a traumatic dental injury. 

Lively discussions sessions were chaired by Professor Ng and by Dr Mohammed Mansoor, of Saudi Arabia.

It is estimated that over 300 conference delegates attended the day.

The Institute also co-hosted an evening reception for our Alumni in collaboration with the Universities of Manchester and Leeds.