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Further collaboration with the China Britain Medical Dental Association

2 December 2019

We recently held two further CPD short courses as part of our exciting collaboration with the China Britain Medical Dental Association (CBMDA). 

CPD courses with Chinese partners November 2019

A three-day periodontology course, created and delivered by alumni  Dr Richard Horwitz and Dr Kruti Desai, focussed on soft tissue aesthetics in implant surgery. This course was held in Shanghai and received enthusiastic feedback from the local participants. 

At the end of November we welcomed Chinese dentists to London for the second part of their ten-day Orthodontics Masterclass. 

The course, which began in Shanghai in September, concluded with a look at sleep disorders, orthodontics and surgery, smile aesthetics and adult orthodontics. It was led by Dr Priti Acharya, Dr Pratik Sharma, Dr Pranay Sharma, Professor Padhraig Fleming and Professor Ama Johal. 

Students were also treated to a tour new UCLH Eastman Dental Hospital by Professor Stephen Porter. As an additional bonus, this group were also given the opportunity to attend a one-day course at the Royal College of Surgeons England. 

Student Dr Meng Si Li, said: “It is a great honour to be able to attend the programme in London which was very well organised.

“The five-day masterclass was a mixture of classroom learning and three interactive hand-on sessions, which made the programme very enjoyable. 

“I wish to thank China Britain Medical and Dental Association for building such a bridge between the world-renown top university and Chinese dental professionals and made this programme available to all Chinese orthodontists, I will definitely recommend.” 

With many thanks to the course sponsors: