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Eastman Rochester - Celebrating 100 years of oral health

13 June 2017

Eastman Rochester is 100 years old

Our Director Stephen Porter was delighted to attend the Centenary Celebratory Congress of Eastman Institute for Oral Health, Rochester, New York.

The Eastman Dispensary in Rochester was the first of six to be established across the globe,  funded by George Eastman and was initially developed for the treatment of dental disease in children.

Over the past 100 years this institute has evolved to become one of the US' top dental schools that attracts considerable research income, generates high quality papers, provides both undergraduate and postgraduate education as well as care to many thousands of patients.

The Centenary meeting brought together over 700 Rochester Alumni who were able to attend lectures given by top specialists from the US and across the globe (some of whom are alumni of Rochester) as well as engage in a variety of social activities.

The celebrations also brought together representatives of the five present Eastman dental establishments: Rochester, UCL Eastman (UK), Paris, Rome and Stockholm and thus provided the opportunity for discussions on future collaborations.

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We will be celebrating our own 70th anniversary in 2017.