Eastman Dental Institute


Congratulations to our latest PhD successes

20 February 2017


We are delighted to announce recent PhD successes in our Clinical Research and Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering Departments:

Anas Sherif has been awarded his PhD for his thesis entitled The development of a novel method to assess the adhesive interaction of adult stem cells with biomaterial substrates using AFM.

The project involved research which was part of an ongoing theme in the Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Department at the EDI.

In his work, Dr Sherif used highly-localised probe functionalised with “live-cells” to investigate the mode of adhesion of these cells onto implants surfaces such as titanium.

Using this pioneering approach, he provided new knowledge and understanding on the mode of interactions between cell and host, which will undoubtedly lead to more work in implants’ surfaces development.

Dr Sherif’s Supervisors were Dr Peter Brett and Dr Laurent Bozec


Elena Calciolari has also been awarded her PhD for her thesis Intramembranous bone healing and the effect of osteoporosis on the jawbones.

This looked at the effect of osteoporosis on the jawbones and investigated at a molecular and histological level the process of intramembranous osseous formation.

Principle supervisor, Professor Nikos Donos, said “Dr Calciolari's project was the first project combining histological features and proteomic analyses to shade light on the complex mechanism of bone formation.

“Through her pioneering work, Dr Calciolari was able to show differently expressed proteins in healthy and osteoporotic conditions, which could be targeted by future studies to enhance bone regeneration in the presence of reduce bone density.

“The results of the thesis also showed how different titanium surfaces can promote bone formation by regulating signalling pathways involved in osseous formation.

“Congratulations to Dr Calciolari for her hard work and excellent outcome”

Dr Calciolari’s Secondary Supervisor was Dr Nikos Mardas