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Defeating the superbugs! On your mobile

6 July 2016


A new mobile app, designed to promote awareness of antibiotic resistance, has been launched today by the Longitude Prize*.

Superbugs, developed with advice from UCL Eastman researchers, challenges 11-16 year olds to fight bacteria using existing and new antibiotics.

Players must to survive for as long as they can and are rewarded with scientific facts at the end of each play.

UCL Eastman’s Dr Adam Roberts, who advised the makers of the game, said: “It’s the younger generation who, through no fault of their own, will have to live with the consequences of antibiotic resistance if current trends continue.

“This app is aimed at them so they can understand the consequences of misuse, something that our generation have thoroughly failed to grasp”.

Superbugs is available for both iOS and Android mobile platforms from www.longitudeprize.org/superbugs

*The Longitude Prize is a five year, £10 million challenge to tackle the issue of antibiotic resistance