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A Prestige prize for a prestige student

3 February 2016

prize giving

Dentist Alexandra Henderson is the proud recipient of the annual Prestige Dental Prize, having been deemed the best performing student on the Postgraduate Certificate element of the MSc in Restorative Dental Practice, at UCL Eastman Dental Institute. The deputy programme director Dr Neil Nathwani  of the Postgraduate Certificate element of the course was delighted at Alexandra’s great all year round performance.

Receiving her prize – a Denar Mark 2 articulator provided by sponsor Prestige Dental – Alexandra said: "I am so thrilled and thankful for this award. I had already set my sights on a Denar articulator, having used it and seen the benefits in practice, so to be given one as a prize is amazing. I don’t doubt it will make a huge difference at Croydon Dental Care, where I practise."

A spokesperson from UCL Eastman Dental Institute added: "Prestige Dental has always been very supportive of our programmes, providing equipment – including articulators – benefitting not only our students but also their patients for years to come. That Prestige then also supplied a Denar Mark 2 articulator as a prize to reward Alexandra’s hard work and commitment is just wonderful. We offer our hearty congratulations to Alexandra and would like to thank Prestige Dental for their on-going patronage."

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The MSc in Restorative Dental Practice at UCL Eastman Dental Institute is a part-time, four-year programme that enhances students’ ability to provide high-quality and comprehensive restorative management for the majority of patients.