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Poor oral health linked to loneliness

1 August 2016

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A new paper by UCL Eastman researchers has revealed a possible link between poor oral health and loneliness.

Researchers analysed longitudinal data from over 4,500 adults living in England aged 50 and older.1 This revealed that the risk of loneliness was higher among older adults with poorer oral health functioning.

Lead researcher Patrick Rouxel said: “It is well-known that oral disease and tooth loss have a significant negative impact on the quality of life and well-being of older adults.

"Our research showed that oral health-related quality of life was an independent risk factor for loneliness amongst older adults, thereby showing the importance of maintaining good oral health as a protective factor against it.

“Older adults are often vulnerable, and may require help in maintaining their independence and preserving their confidence in oral health functioning, including daily life activities such as eating, talking and smiling."

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