Eastman Dental Institute


Dr Onrudee Suratanasurang

Lecturer, Mahidol University Thailand

Onrudee Joy Suratanasurang

I took an MSc in Endodontics at Eastman between 2011 and 2012.

I applied to study there because of the reputation of faculty staff, institute and alumni.

One year full-time study involved a basic science common core, evidence-base deep learning in endodontics as group discussions and seminars, endodontic laboratory skills, microscopic endodontic clinical practice and a research project. 

While studying at Eastman, I experienced many fields of the advance clinical practices such as endodontic retreatment, sclerotic and curved canal, complex anatomy, micro-endodontics surgery, perforation repair, separated instrument removal, post-endodontic restoration and etc.

My favourite memory was everything - especially Professor Kishor [Gulabivala] and professor Paula [Ng] and also all the clinical supervisors who gave their immense help, guidance and encouragement throughout the whole course. 

Furthermore, I also had the best supportive classmate; we encouraged each other and shared our knowledge together throughout the years and even until now. 

I have since become a full-time lecturer and clinical supervisor at Mahidol university and I work as a part-time endodontist in private hospital in Thailand. My future plans will emphasise the importance of fundamental endodontics and combining it with continuing in contemporary endodontics research projects.

Studying at Eastman definitely helped me in my career. I have definitely more knowledge to teach my students and also I am more confident to treat my patients. However, the most helpful thing in my opinion was the attitude in learning and the critical thinking process which are very important to be a good endodontist.