UCL Earth Sciences


GEOL0042 Earthquake Seismology & Earthquake Hazard

Advanced module on earthquakes, earthquake mechanics, seismology and earthquake hazard taken with MSc students.

Coordinator: Prof Adrian Chandler

Module details
TitleEarthquake Seismology and Earthquake Hazard
UG CodeGEOL0042
CoordinatorProf Adrian Chandler
Other Contributors 
Credit15 credits
Written Exam70%
Pre-RequisitesGEOL0012 Global Geophysics or MSc Geophysical Hazard foundation courses. First-year university maths and computer literacy. Highly recommended:GEOL0020 Field Geophysics.
Maths & Stats Content and Requirement 
Total Number of Hours of Student Work188
Hours of Lectures/Seminars24 hours
Hours of Practicals/Problem Classes12 hours
Hours of Tutorials0 hours
Days of Fieldwork0

Topics include: 

  • Earthquake generation, magintude recurrence relationships and their applications
  • Ground shaking from earthquakes and accelerograms
  • Probabilistic seismic hazard assessment
  • Seismic hazard mapping
  • Site classification, amplification and liquefaction
  • Causes of tsunamis
  • Earthquake and tsunami impacts


The course aims to provide an understanding of practical seismic hazard and impact assessment.


The students will acquire the following practical skills:

  • Practical applications of ground motion prediction equations (GMPE's)
  • Probabilistic seismic hazard assessment (PSHA)
  • Seismic hazard mapping
  • Earthquake site assessment
  • Response spectrum formulation and utilisation
  • Utilisation of internet sources of geophysical information to understand and assess earthquake hazards