Dementia Research Centre


Professor Elizabeth Warrington

  • Emeritus Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology

Prof Elizabeth Warrington…

Professor Warrington's research has focused on understanding, in the broadest terms, brain and behaviour relationships, and, in particular, the neural basis of our cognitive abilities -- how our neural networks enable us to see, perceive, remember and talk about things. Understanding how these networks are organised helps in diagnosing and assessing many different kinds of brain injury. Her work has also been influential in testing theories about cognitive psychology. Professor Warrington has played a key role in improving the accuracy of tests to diagnose and help chart the progress of degenerative brain conditions that affect the way we perceive, talk or think about things. Her work in defining differences in how we remember information based on knowledge (semantic memory) as opposed to events (episodic memory) led to the identification of a new neurological condition, semantic dementia, which she first described in 1975. Professor Warrington is a Fellow of the Royal Society.