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Neil Fox

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I am a research assistant at DCAL working on the ExTOL (End to End Translation of British Sign Language) project since January 2019.

I completed my BSc Computer Science at Bristol University in 2000, where I first learnt Linguistics of BSL taught by Dr. Rachel Sutton-Spence.

I have worked as a research assistant at UCL since 2008, working mainly on psycholinguistics with Prof. Gabriella Vigliocco and Dr. David Vinson. I completed my Master of Research in Speech, Language and Cognition in 2010.

At DCAL, I am working on the ExTOL project which aims to develop a new system that will look to recognise BSL and translate into written language. I will be working with the BSL Corpus data, annotating different data to feed into the computer system for machine learning

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