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Magnetic Actuation

We are investigating the use of magnetic field gradients to manipulate the position and behaviour of cells in the body. This involves either loading cells with nanoparticles of iron that are susceptible to an externally applied oscillating magnetic field or introducing magnetic material into the extracellular environment. Both approaches can be used to deliver different amounts of strain to cells that can be used to provide a biologically stimulus.

We have built a series of magnetic actuator devices that we are using in conjunction with mathematical modelling to explore how delivery of a magnetic field gradient influences the phenotype of cells.

The research offers tremendous opportunities for a variety of healthcare applications, ranging from targeted delivery of stem cells for tissue engineering to conditioning of damaged or degenerated muscle groups.

People involved:

SPION loaded cells counterstained with DAPI and phalloidin

SPION loaded cells counterstained with DAPI and phalloidin

Fluorescence microscopy of cells loaded with superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPION - red; cytoskeleton - green; nuclei - blue).