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Combating Antimicrobial Resistance

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Antibiotic resistance poses a catastrophic risk to human health. Novel approaches that provide alternatives to antibiotics for combating infection are urgently sought.  Re-evaluation of existing small molecules with well-established disinfectant properties, especially in terms of optimizing their mode of delivery, could offer an accelerated pathway to clinic for a range of new therapeutic products. 

Reactive oxygen species, such as hydrogen peroxide, are effective microbicidal agents but, as with any medicinal product, are also capable of causing significant non-specific tissue damage if delivered in an uncontrolled manner.

This industry-funded project aims to validate the novel antimicrobial strategy centred on targeted and controlled release of reactive oxygen species and other oxidizing agents via TIPS microparticle technology. It will investigate whether the strategy is effective in pre-clinical models that mimic typical clinical scenarios of infection.

People involved:

Professor Richard Day

AGA Nanotech Ltd