Day Lab


Cell Delivery

We are exploring a variety of methods for the controlled delivery of cells for healthcare applications.

Minimally invasive cell delivery

We have an extensive research programme investigating the use of TIPS microspheres for cell expansion and targeted, minimally invasive delivery for cell therapy purposes.

Harnessing the cell secretome

We are interested in the use of biomaterials for the control and targeted delivery of the cell secretome. We are particularly interested in how this effect can be utilized for delivery of angiogenic growth factors to treat cardiovascular disease.

Alginate encapsulated AD-MSC

Magnetic cell delivery

We have developed a novel cell seeding device for large hollow organs that consists of a Halbach array of magnets. The magnets attract cells loaded with magnetic nanoparticles towards the surface of the hollow scaffold and holds them in place until they have adhered to the substrate surface. This process is capable of delivering cells more uniformly and efficiently to the surface of scaffolds compared with traditional cell seeding methods that involve rolling or rotating the scaffold. 

Building on this concept, and with funding from the UK Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council and EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Regenerative Medicine, we have invented a magnetic cell seeding device compatible with hollow organ bioreactors.

Magnetic hollow organ bioreactor