Members' Event: In a While, Crocodile

Grant Museum of Zoology
9th Mar 2023
Rockefeller Building, 21 University St, London WC1E 6DE

A young woman with long hair sits at a table in the Grant Museum in front of a large animal skull specimen, smiling towards an older woman who is facing away from the camera

Grant Museum Members only, booking essential

Join us for a Members-only late opening as we say ‘See you later, alligator’ in preparation for our upcoming improvement programme.

We’ll be sharing highlights from our recent Performing Planet Activism performance programme and sharing more about the museum redevelopment. Learn about the process we’ll go through over the coming months, from decanting specimens to designing new cases.

This will be one of the last chances to visit the Museum in person before the closure, so come along to find out more and spend some quality time with your favourite specimen before it’s too late!

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