Grant Museum collaborates with radio collective In the Dark

6th February 2017
Grant Museum of Zoology

The Grant Museum is always looking for new ways to use their collection to engage visitors with research at UCL as well as the natural world. In 2016/17 they began an exciting year-long collaboration with radio collective In the Dark.

Working with In the Dark's audio producers and researchers from UCL they will produce a series of audio cinemas (think a cinema without the pictures) that celebrate the natural world through sound and audio storytelling.

Visitors will be invited to take part in these listenings, where they will be submerged into (near) darkness to enjoy the sounds of nature and the people who have some amazing stories to tell.

If you’ve ever been woken up by the sounds of foxes vigorously copulating next to your recycling bin then you’ll know we’re not the only species to call our cities home. But is there more to urban wildlife than foxes and pigeons?

The first audio cinema kicked off on Tuesday 27 September where the Grant explored the sounds of urban wildlfe with Alison Fairbrass from UCL’s Centre for Biodiversity and Environment Research.

Alison is a researcher who has been out on the streets, churchyards and rooftops of London setting microphones to capture the sound of the urban landscape to understand the diversity of the animal life in urban areas.


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