Call for exhibition proposals: UCL Octagon Gallery 2022-23

22nd March 2022
Apply now to develop an object-based exhibition for the Octagon Gallery in the heart of the Wilkins Building.

Slade 150: Past, Present, Future in the Octagon Gallery. © Hydar Dewachi

Do you have an idea for an exhibition that uses UCL collections objects, student work or research to tell stories with real-world impact?

UCL Culture is looking for proposals from individuals, departments, or groups for high-quality, object-based exhibitions to host in the Octagon Gallery across the 2022-23 academic year.  

What we are looking for

  • Content that has relevant links to UCL research and the wider community, including links to contemporary issues in society and research with impact  
  • Proposers with experience of curation, or an interest in developing in this area who will approach the project with a collaborative spirit   
  • Teams or individuals with an interest and capacity to undertake this work with UCL Culture  
  • Content that is both narrative and object rich, which could include collections objects, student work, or everyday objects that have significance to the story you are telling  
  • Creative and cross-disciplinary approaches to displaying content   

How we can support

  • UCL Culture will support the realisation of your exhibition, providing a structure for developing content, making links to our collections, and supporting on the practical aspects of installation  
  • We can provide budget to help realise this work (design, content and materials) though we encourage proposers to consider other available budgets or awards  
  • We can provide marketing and communication plans for the exhibition, and support successful proposers to develop ideas for programming and events

About the Octagon

The Octagon sits at the heart of the Wilkins Building on UCL’s main campus. It is comprised of four large showcases with 15 micro-cases that meet security and environmental criteria for housing objects. The cases and display area provide an opportunity for interpretative text and can serve as a jumping-off point for live programmes and events. 

Examples of past Octagon exhibitions

Slade 150: Past, Present, Future

Flop: 13 Stories of Failure

Disrupters and Innovators: Journeys in Gender Equality at UCL

Curating Heads

How to apply

To share your idea, either:

Proposals will be reviewed by UCL Culture’s Programmes Board in late April/early May.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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