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6th April 2020
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Colour photo of small human shaped shabti figures

Our museums are currently closed due to the coronavirus, but there’s still lots you can enjoy online.

Welcome to UCL Culture’s World of Tiny Things
Join us this May as we celebrate the small. Take part in our series of micro-meditations and create your very own ‘Digital Micrarium’.  
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Discover our collections
Browse our 'top 10' guides for each of our collections including the Petrie Museum, Grant Museum, Art Museum, Science and Pathology collections. They showcase everything from Hawara Mummy Portraits to Dodo bones.

Explore our art collections
Enjoy over 1,100 drawings and paintings on Art UK from the UCL Art Museum, including works by John Flaxman and Henry Tonks. 

Learn about Jeremy Bentham and his famous Auto-Icon
Visit the Bentham Project website and learn about Jeremy Bentham's work on Utilitarianism and the principle of `the greatest happiness of the greatest number'. Take part in our crowdsourcing project to transcribe his original manuscript papers.  

Search our catalogues
Delve into our stunning collections via the online catalogues for the Petrie Museum, Grant Museum and Art Museum.

Read, watch and listen
Read our UCL Culture blog including ‘specimens of the week’.  Visit our YouTube channel and listen to our exhibition podcast series 'FLOP: 13 Stories of Failure'.

Lastly, we'd love to hear from you! Join us online on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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