Call for co-production applicants – The Digital Legacy of Eugenics

15th November 2023
UCL Engagement
UCL’s Museums and Cultural Programmes team are seeking applications from visual artists, content creators, activists, and researchers to participate in a co-creation project about the digital legacy of eugenics as part of the Prejudice in Power programme.

About the programme

Prejudice in Power: Contesting the pseudoscience of superiority

The Prejudice in Power programme is a programme of cultural activism for change against structural discrimination. It explores how eugenics has marginalised voices and shaped society. 

With collaboration and co-creation at the heart of this programme, we’re engaging with marginalised groups to prompt inclusive thinking. In sharing the lived experiences of those impacted and excluded by eugenic ideas, we hope to provide a platform for societal change and reparative healing.

About the project

The Digital Legacy of Eugenics

This project, led by researcher Lila Brustad, forms part of the Prejudice in Power programme and will explore the relationship between a pseudo-scientific method of photography developed by eugenicists, and the statistics that determine what images users see on TikTok and Instagram. It will include a digital exhibition, as well as a programme of social media activism.

What you will be doing

Participants will develop a programme of social media activism and content to encourage critical participation on TikTok and Instagram. Through use of UCL Culture’s platform, participants will create meaningful messages about the impact of eugenics and social media in our lives today.

Participants will look to the history of eugenic thought and photographic methods to develop a piece of art that will be placed in the digital exhibition. They will also co-produce an object history and there is scope for participants to propose and produce other outcomes for the project.

The project is expected to run from December 2023 to February 2024 and will be roughly 8 hours of time commitment for participants, including being involved in 4 one-hour workshops and regular meetings every other week. Exact dates and timelines to be determined.

There will be opportunities to gain skills in activism and engagement, and learn about archival research and museum curation. In addition to skills gained, participants will receive Love2shop vouchers appropriate to their time commitment. Alternative payment options may be available.

Who we are looking for

We aim to recruit 5-8 visual artists, content creators, activists, or researchers (broadly defined) of all experience levels. Applicants should have experience creating content for TikTok and Instagram. Individuals whose lives have been impacted by eugenic thinking are especially encouraged to apply.

This opportunity is open to people within and outside of UCL.

How to apply

Applicants should submit a paragraph (max. 300 words) outlining why they want to be involved with this project and what perspective or experience they hope to contribute. If you’re unable to submit a paragraph, you can submit a short video/audio recording.

Please include a link to your social media accounts, or an example of content created for social media (this can include an example post created specifically for this application). We are interested in your ability to think creatively and critically about social media.

Please submit applications to k.karhu@ucl.ac.uk by Monday 4 December 2023, 5pm.

Download this call-out as a PDF:


Contact for enquiries

Lila Brustad, Project Facilitator: The Digital Legacy of Eugenics, lila.brustad@outlook.com 
Kaissa Karhu, Co-Creation and Content Manager: Prejudice in Power, k.karhu@ucl.ac.uk 

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