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Trellis Young Producers

Six Trellis Young Producers: Bri, Eliza, Huda, Rebecca, Reese & Sofe have each produced a new artwork as part of the Field Works exhibition. These were made in response to six commissioned Trellis artworks and are on display in the bar area of Hoxton Hall. 

In its pilot year of the programme, the Young Producers were paired with Trellis artists and paid to produce a physical outcome for the exhibition. The brief asked them to document the narratives and processes from each Trellis commission in the most appropriate format.

The Trellis team partnered with Future Formed to bring this programme to life. The group also visited galleries and cultural venues across London to explore creative industries and learn about career journeys in the arts as part of six skills sessions led by Curators, Producers, and Artists.


Reese Campbell

Graphic image of a cocktail glass with a straw and a line on the edge. colours are oranges and reds.
Responding to Public Powers, Reese has made a series of printed and hand drawn posters messaging about spaces, community and politics.

Find out more about Reese on their website.

Sofe Barker

Head shot of Sofe
Sofe has created a poem and spoken word piece in response to Women Walk East thats explores how geography is gendered and sexualised. 

Find out more about Sofe on their instagram.

Eliza Jones

grainy photograph of a disused shop front in an Edwardian terrace. The shop sign reads "33 S. Schwartz 33" and the front of the shop is plastered with posters and stickers.
Eliza has responded to Along the Lane, and created a written guided walk tracing the history of the communities in Brick Lane and Petticoat Lane. 

Find out more about Eliza through this link tree.


Rebecca Dyer

illustrated head floating in ripples of pink. Face have purple eyes, purple lips and eye balls emerging from afro style hair.
Responding to Social Making, Rebecca has made an animation and a painting about how the Ukrainian folklore and holiday rituals connect with nature, regeneration, and how it benefits us as people.

Find out more about Rebecca on their instagram.

Bri Leung

Handwritten text: The School Play. Plan for the first rehearsal. with a small star in the top corner.
Bri has responded to Fortuna and created a rehearsal plan for the school play, the catch is government mandates stop certain activities taking place and the play is decided by how the reader rolls their dice. 

Find out more about Bri on their Instagram.

Huda Caglayan

In a busy room, a small group are gathered around a stand with what looks like a robot articulated hand made of blue plastic and with orange wires emerging from the palm and trailing off screen.
Huda has produced an interactive book in response to the dystopian and utopian visions in Unbuilt Environments using playful imagery to illustrate disabled activism.  

Find out more about Huda on Vimeo.

About our partners, Future Formed:

Future Formed offers Waltham Forest residents insight and exposure to the creative industries and aims to support participants into paid work. They take a case-by-case approach, so the path taken by residents will reflect their individual needs, availability, and ambitions.

photo of a cropped poloroid of three people, posing like Charlie's Angels. These are the Future Formed team.

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