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Field Works: a Trellis exhibition

The fourth iteration of the Trellis Programme, a free exhibition that ran from 16 March - 1 April 2024 at Hoxton Hall.

Art + Community: Collaborative Commissions from UCL Research.

Hoxton Hall played host to Field Works: an exhibition of six artist installations. Developed over a year, the artworks were the results of investigation, collaboration, thinking and playing between east London artists, UCL researchers and communities of people in east London.

Honest and uncomfortable, Field Works probed at the premise that the urban environment is a ready sphere for inequality. But what does this mean? Through their work together, the groups began to develop methodologies that worked towards an ultimately optimistic reading of the city. They found humour and tenderness in human connection. 

Field Works was curated by Rosie Murdoch and we partnered with the amazing Hoxton Hall as host for the exhibition.

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About Trellis


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Unbuilt Environments was a digital installation that acted as an area for expression, protest, and prototyping by disabled people. 

Women Walk East was an enquiry into women’s orientation in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and considered how and where they map their own place(s) and routes in this distinctive, regenerated urban terrain.

 Along the Lane built a sensory experience out of the flow of memory, culture and social histories within the East End of London. 

Public Powers was an audio installation that considered the spaces we move through, unearthing who they are made for and the ways we can shape their future.

Fortuna was a devised verbatim performance, directed by Maxi Himpe and performed by young people in Hoxton Hall.

This project explored how we mark the ryhthm of nature's cycles, layering historical, ecological and horticultural knowledge from mediaeval times to today.

Trellis Young Producers

Also featured in the exhibition were six works created in response to the six artworks by young people from east London.

The Trellis team worked with Waltham Forest Council's Future Formed team to recruit, support and develop six young people over the three months before the Field Works exhibition.

Their work was displayed in Hoxton Hall alongside the other exhibitors.

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Photograph of 8 polaroid portraits.

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Trellis and Field Works are made possible by funding from the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council and the Westfield East Bank Creative Futures Fund.

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