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Flow Unlocked

Exploring autistic adults' relationships and wellbeing 

Flow Unlocked is a creative autistic led collaborative project which highlights the importance of relationships to autistic people. The intense sensitivity with which autistic people relate to the world is rarely recognised, let alone celebrated. The Flow Unlocked collective has been reflecting on personal and sensory relationships that have sustained them during the pandemic, as well as those they have missed. These reflections will be revealed through poetry, photography, drawing and film in this event.

The visual art is created by co-artists Jon Adams and Briony Campbell, in collaboration with the FlowUnlocked participants and Georgia Pavlopoulou, UCL psychologist and autism researcher. Her work on autistic mental health and relationships is at the root of Flow Unlocked.  

Traditionally, projects are made about autistic people not with them, but Flow Unlocked breaks the mould by redefining autistic narratives from the perspective of lived experience. We invite you to join us in erasing the damaging stereotypes that exist about autistic people, and celebrating their diverse talents and unique perspectives. 

To see more go to the Flow Unlocked website: flowunlocked.co.uk

Meet the team

Briony Campbell

Briony Campbell
Briony Campbell is a photographer, filmmaker and creative facilitator. She creates visual stories about intimate relationships, intercultural relations, social integration, and loss. Her work has been awarded, exhibited and published internationally, and she collaborates with academic institutions such as UCL, Kent University, Birmingham University. As a facilitator Briony works collaboratively with underrepresented groups and subjects. Through participatory art methodologies she aims to amplify the diversity of voices, crucial to building inclusive societies.

Project examples: Documentary project on British+African families in East Africa; a collaboration with her father in the last months of his life; A film about differing belief systems within close relationships; Mentoring terminally ill people in a Birmingham hospice to make their own films. Please see more at: www.brionycampbell.com 

Dr Georgia Pavlopoulou

Dr Georgia Pavlopoulou
Georgia was awarded with a PhD from UCL in 2019, examining the relationships of autistic and non-autistic siblings, and then went on to a post-doc at UCL looking at personalised care in sleep management with autistic adolescents and sleep research priorities of autistic adults. 

Georgia is a Lecturer based at UCL, Department of Psychology and Human Development teaching Psychological aspects of counselling and is lead autism workforce trainer at Anna Freud Centre. She is passionate working with multidisciplinary teams, experts by experience and scholar activists in community-based mental health research. Georgia is using a combination of behavioural, phenomenological and participatory techniques together with a developmental approach to understand social determinants of autistic mental health through autistic people's personal accounts (stress, belonging, loneliness, low mood, family experiences). Georgia is committed to creative participatory health and educational research, co-producing work with community members. Georgia has been leading national and international Short Courses for mental health practitioners who work in educational and NHS systems with YP with atypical development, funded by Health England Education. Georgia is passionate about working with marginalized groups, service users, scholar activists and Trusts to facilitate service transformation and advance mental health practice through better cross agency collaboration and better service user participation. 

Flow Unlocked is rooted in Georgia's ongoing work on understanding autistic people's relationships, aiming to communicate with the public the importance of relationships in the life of autistic people. The project is an opportunity to address the questions of authenticity and representation pertinent to creative interdisciplinary collaboration with neurodivergent participants in research and public engagement. 

Jon Adams

Jon Adams
Jon Adams is a polymath artist working cross-platform with image, poetry, sound, performance and spoken word. His work references synaesthesia, autism, dyslexia, autobiography, science and hidden metaphor, resulting in unique visual perspectives of systemizing history, time and place.  

His national artist profile includes commissions from Parliament, Autism Research Centre Cambridge, London2012, Wellcome, Arts Council England & Leverhulme grants and has worked alongside Sir Peter Brook. He campaigns for wider recognition, equity and understanding of Neurodivergent Culture within the arts as ‘Flow Observatorium’. He actively promotes research into suicide in autism, mental health of artists and dismantling barriers to inclusion and participation.

Join the festival

Sunday 18 April - 4 to 6 pm

Join us via Zoom for a live exploration of the Flow Unlocked exhibition. 

This will include a presentation of visual and audio artworks, Q&A, and a creative interactive exercise inviting the audience to write poetry in response to the artwork. 


This event is for everyone. We especially welcome undiagnosed or self diagnosed people and hope they may find resonance. There will be opportunities within the event for interaction and audience contributions, but you are equally welcome to just observe. No participation will be required. Flow Unlocked is full of love, and we can’t wait to share it with you. 

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