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UCL Culture Online is the home of some of the latest school and community engagement projects by the UCL Culture team. Some of these projects, originally meant to be offered face-to-face, were taken online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

UCL was founded on a vision to open education and knowledge to the world. It still stands today and following this vision, UCL Culture is committed to engaging with the wider public and with its local communities through a range of projects and activities. 

This includes working with schools in the vicinity of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, engaging with new students through a virtual map of the Bloomsbury campus, or collaborating with artists and local communities in East London.

Find out more about these recent UCL Culture's virtual projects below. 

For more information on engagement, UCL Collections, and cultural news and events, visit the UCL Culture website.


Ask the Experts

'Ask the Experts' gives young people the chance to ask all sorts of exciting and inquisitive questions directly to our UCL experts, as well as providing an opportunity to find out more about the types of things that are studied at UCL. 

Bio-Robotics and Animal Movement

This project, for secondary schools in East London, explores the links between robots, computer programming and animal movement.

Creating Aspirations

Since 2018, teams of students on the Museums and Galleries in Education MA at UCL have worked with a year 5 class throughout the academic year - in collaboration with George Mitchell Primary School in the London borough of Waltham Forest. 

Make an Impression II

'Make An Impression' is a printmaking project that shares UCL’s resources and skills with young artists aged 13-18. In 2020, the project resulted in an online showcase of the drypoint and chine-collé prints made by six east London schools and colleges.



Trellis Art programme

Trellis connects UCL's world-class researchers with dynamic contemporary artists and local communities in east London, to foster a pioneering programme of knowledge exchange and facilitate co-creation of artworks near the site of UCL East. 

Trellis Festival graphic

Trellis exhibition 2021

Trellis exhibition 2022

Trellis exhibition 2024