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Grant Museum Takeover Video Transcript

Grant Museum Takeover (1) About the pangolin and future plans

Welcome to the virtual take over day.

What we learnt: I learnt that pangolins roll up into balls when they are scared.

My favourite part: My favourite part was when we did the scavenger hunt to see lots of bones and animals.

Did you know that the Petrie Museum has a real life dead body!

I do wanna go to university when I grow up because I wanna be a director.

I signed up was for doing marketing, I love making stuff. Bye.

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Grant Museum Takeover (2). About animal special and skeletons

So something interesting I learnt is how many species of animals there are ranging from just sea animals and scorpions.

It was very interesting at the same time, and I honestly really enjoyed this.

So, it is really fun in my opinion.

And we got to see lots of creatures in their skeleton form, which is really good, so you can learn lots of stuff.

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Grant Museum Takeover (3). About the fun of the experience

When we went to UCL I was really excited and super pumped up to find out the different artefacts there.

My favourite project was, my favourite museum was the Grant Museum of Zoology which had different artefacts of different stuff, and I was really impressed.

Normally, normally I would normally think that the care takers are normal and, yeah, a bit strict, but not like Sarah and Maya.

They were really nice and showed me around which was exciting and yeah.

There was also the Petrie Museum which was fun. That’s all I have to say.

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Grant Museum Takeover (4). About solving mysteries and the scavenger hunt

In my class we love solving mysteries, and we always have positive thoughts.

I am here to tell you every single thing I like at the UCL Museums.

First, I really enjoyed the scavenger hunt.

Yes, it was a little tricky because some of the objects were very hard to find, and some objects were very tricky to reach.

But it was still very fun to find clues about each object.

Second, I really enjoyed being into groups and looking at each object and measuring its size.

And third, I really enjoyed every object.

There was a million objects there and we could look at every object.

It was very fun. Now, see you. Bye.

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Grant Museum Takeover (5). About the Japanese Spider Crab and what I learnt  

Hello everybody.

I’m back again but today I’m going to be doing, carrying on from that UCL project, but I’m not going to be doing what what I learnt.

Today I’m going to tell you what was my favourite parts and why.

My favourite parts of the museum were the Japanese spider crab because it was one, one of these was a Japanese spider crab.

This is because I had just learnt about it, and I’d seen how big it is.

I think it could be extremely poisonous, so should you.

Secondly, I have learnt about the exploded human skull, as I’ve said in the last episode, last video.  

So why I like that is because finally you get to look at something that’s your own self, so inside your body.

Also, I’ve learnt about, I’ve learnt about evolution so like how people, scientists, believe that we were like monkeys.

Like we were like this before, and then over time we’ve like gone up.

So, you should have a visit to UCL, tell why your favourite things are.

And then, yeah, it will be fun. Trust me. Bye.

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Grant Museum Takeover (6). About going to university in the future

So hello guys, today I will be telling you about the fourth part of UCL videos.

So today I’m going be telling you about if I want to go UCL when I’m older or not.

This is my opinion.

So when I’m older I do want to be a masseuse, and a few other stuff, but most likely a masseuse.

So, I would go university, and I would, if I was to pick one I’d go UCL.

UCL is a very good, UCL is a very hard university to get in because it is one of the most famous ones in London.

If you are to go university, you should, I recommend you to go UCL.

UCL is one of the biggest population of people in London.

There is 40,000 students there. A lot of people, adults, and a lot of others. 

You can learn a lot of stuff, have the job you want to be, you can be successful in your life.

So, I recommend you to go UCL. Bye.

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