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Grant Museum Takeover

Due to Covid-19, UCL Creating Aspirations project resulted this year in a virtual takeover of the Grant Museum of Zoology by Year 5 Yew Class from George Mitchell School in Leyton, London.

Welcome to Yew Class's Virtual Takeover!

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We are Year 5 Yew Class from George Mitchell School in Leyton, London. George Mitchell welcomes all religions and cultures. We will be doing a virtual takeover at the Grant Museum as part of our teaming up with UCL’s Creative Aspirations Project.  

UCL is one of the most amazing places we have ever been.

The Grant Museum is known as The Grant Museum of Zoology. Yew Class have visited the museum twice to do scavenger hunts and other activities. We have planned our own scavenger hunt! That’s exciting, right? As soon as you go into the Grant Museum, you just keep feasting your eyes on the most amazing things you’ve ever seen. We have been studying creatures of all sorts including the following:

The One Horned Rhino, The Japanese Spider Crab, An Elephant Skull, Dugongs, and many more!

We picked these animals from the Grant Museum to study at school and at home. We have made our own labels for them, including some in the different languages that we speak. 

We have been working on this project for a long time, making lots of visits to the UCL Museums and hosting some visits to our school from our UCL student helpers, Maja and Sara. In some of those visits, we got to handle museum objects which was something highly requested by us students, so a big thank you! If ever something was a problem, like you were not enjoying the trip, Sara and Maja would find a way to make you happy again. How wonderful is that! 

Our virtual takeover should have been a real Takeover day where we were going to work at the museum doing a wide range of jobs, but due to lockdown this wasn't possible.

We all hope you enjoy our virtual takeover day and please do give us some feedback!

Yew Class 2020